Envirosort - Why, What, Where

Envirosort - Why, What, Where


Herefordshire Council, Worcestershire County Council and the District Authorities in Worcestershire are working together to provide a common and simple system for the collection of dry recyclable materials from kerbsides across the two Counties.


The authorities have adopted a system of mixed or ‘commingled’ collections whereby householders are requested to place an identified range of recyclable materials into a single receptacle for collection.


The commingled materials are delivered to Severn Waste Services’ ‘EnviroSort’ plant at Norton, near Worcester, where the materials are separated and despatched to reprocessors for ultimate remanufacture into goods.

Commingled collections have proved to be very successful in helping the authorities meet challenging recycling and landfill avoidance targets, whilst the EnviroSort plant ensures that the materials sent forward for recycling meet the tight specifications required for remanufacture.