Plastic bottles and pots, trays and tubs

Envirosort - Where does it all go?

There are many different types of plastic and some are easier to recycle than others. There are only certain plastic items that we can recycle through your green kerbside collection.  In Herefordshire and Worcestershire we can recycle plastic bottles, tubs, pots and trays from your home. 

Black plastic should not be included.  This is because the pigments that are commonly used to make the packaging black also make it difficult for the packaging to be identified by the optical sorting system, which separates the different types of plastic.

The plastic packaging is separated into bottles and pots, trays and tubs. Click on the links below to learn how they are reprocessed.

mixed paper & card

Recycled into: 

Depending on the type of plastic that’s being recycled, it can be made into a wide range of new items including refuse sacks, carrier bags, underground drainage systems, flower pots, seed trays, guttering, watering cans, water butts, bumpers on cars, wheel bins, food caddies, compost bins, wormeries, new drinks bottles and food trays as well as polyester fabric for clothing.


There are many different types of plastic so once they have been sorted at EnviroSort they will then be sent on for further sorting at UK facilities. After they have been sorted into individual polymer types they will be made into flakes and pellets. These are then sold into the manufacturing market, for companies to buy and make into a new product.

Did you know – It only takes 25 two litre pop bottles to make one adult sized fleece jacket!

How is it recycled?