Mixed glass bottles and jars

Envirosort - Where does it all go?

You can recycle glass bottles and glass jars by putting them into your green bin at home. Unfortunately other types of glass products (such as drinking glasses and Pyrex) cannot be recycled via the green kerbside bin as they have different properties to bottles and jars.  Any colour of glass bottle or jar is fine for recycling. 

mixed glass bottles & jars

Recycled into:

Glass bottles and jars will often be further sorted and then used in the manufacturing of new glass bottles and jars or can sometimes be used for road aggregate too.  Sometimes glass bottles and jars can even be recycled into insulation for houses.


All of our glass is sent to reprocessors in the UK to be manufactured into new products.

Did you know – The addition of domestic waste glass (known as cullet) to a furnace in the glass manufacturing process, substantially reduces the energy requirement and decreases CO2 emissions. Each tonne of cullet added to the furnace saves 1.2 tonnes of raw materials – decreasing emissions still further!

How is it recycled?