Cardboard and paper

Envirosort - Where does it all go?

Cardboard and paper are sent to be further sorted and then onto paper mills where the fibres are broken down and then reformed into new products. You can recycle all sorts of paper and card items including flattened cardboard packaging boxes, cereal boxes, junk mail, magazines, newspapers and cartons.

mixed paper & card

Recycled into:

A cardboard box could be recycled into items like a cereal box or egg box.  Paper is recycled into new paper items such as newspapers.  Paper that’s been recycled several times before will often then be used to manufacture tissue products.  Tissue products cannot be recycled but can be composted in your home compost bin (depending what you’ve used it for). 


After being sorted further at UK sorting facilities, most of our cardboard and paper is sent on to paper mills in the UK to be recycled into new paper products.  Some of our paper is sent to paper mills in Europe and a small amount is sent to Asia to be recycled into new paper products too.  

Did you know – a newspaper can be recycled into a new newspaper seven times and it only takes one week from your old newspaper being collected in your recycling bin to you receiving it back as a brand new newspaper again.  

How is it recycled?