Applications and availability

Applications and availability

We provide Greengrow to a wide range of customers and for a variety of uses.

It is most commonly available to the public in 40 litre bags (about 25kg) at many of our household recycling centres.  The price is £2 per bag.  We can only accept payment by card at our Household Recycling Centres.

We can also supply larger quantities in bulk – either collected by the customer from Hill and Moor, or we can arrange a delivery. We charge £4 per tonne plus VAT for bulk product, with delivery charge on top. We cannot currently accept payments by card for bulk sales.

Delivery charges depend on where you are, what quantity is required and what access is like to the delivery point (in relation to vehicle size). For a quotation call 01386 860630. 

Greengrow can be used as a general soil conditioner – working 25-40 mm into the top 150 mm of topsoil. A more generous application to the surface will act as a mulch. 

We have supplied Greengrow for a host of users and applications, like: 

  • Improving the soil in municipal parks planting beds.
  • Adding to the (barest of) topsoil on new housing developments.
  • Providing a substrate for potted Christmas trees.
  • Landscaping and tree planting on new highway developments.
  • Soil conditioning for turf growers.
  • Soil conditioning for allotment holders and commercial growers.
  • Soil conditioning for farmers and particularly organic growers.
  • Improving the planting beds in the gardens of stately homes and other tourist attractions (Coughton Court and Studley Castle near Redditch, Sudeley Castle near Winchcombe, Hampton Court, near Leominster).
  • Substrate preparation for new sports fields.
  • Remediation of contaminated land
  • Growing media in earth retaining structures.

More Useful Information

For all users of Greengrow composted green waste soil conditioner, please note the following HYGIENE ADVICE:

  • Wear gloves when handling compost or soil.
  • Always wash your hands using soap and water prior to eating, drinking or smoking.
  • Wash and disinfect any cuts or abrasions to the skin immediately.
  • Cover them with a waterproof dressing.

There is a lot of ongoing development work and field trials demonstrating the advantages of using composted green waste soil conditioners. See links below.

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